About Prakash C S, who inspires the youth to realize their own potential

PRAKASH SKILL DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION TRUST was formulated in Feb 2016 with an aim to create more employment and business opportunities to low income individuals.
Aims to initiate with low cost certified Mobile Repair Course with study material

Born to poor farmer parents, Prakash C S grew up in poverty and hardship, in a small village of Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
Prakash did poorly in school so he dropped out around the age of 15. He decided to put a lot of his time into doing business and raising his family.
During those years, he happened to witness the boom in electronics business. After discovering his passion was repairing electronics he found odd jobs at local electronics companies but found himself continually rejected. With basic knowledge and little money he came to Bangalore and did chores of electronic jobs to earn his bread and butter.
He immediately felt a level of familiarity with the requirements of electronics market, he started to visualize an electronics training center. A skill development center was his dream.
Prakash wanted to do something for the people who are not well educated and are struggling in unorganized sector to get job. With great passion, he improved his mobile and laptop repairing abilities. He added new knowledge and created Prakash Cellular Service, 15 years ago. “As students we need to guide them properly, teach them new methods of livelihood. I hadn’t felt in any other discipline, so I chose smartphone and gadget repair education seriously,” says Prakash.
Today Prakash Cellular Service is a well name in smartphones and laptop repairs in Bangalore, Karnataka. In these fifteen years, Prakash has changed lives of more than 2000 students by providing them training in smartphones and laptop repair, most of them have opened their own service centers. Seeing the changing trends in the service of gadgets, he is coming with a new idea called Spare Bazaar. Spare Bazaar Pvt Ltd is a online market for the smartphone and laptop repair service providers where they can purchase required spares, sell spares which they do not require, can sell their dead stock. They will also help the service providers to learn new techniques of repairing, upgrade their knowledge by giving training.
The only thing Prakash says, “Doing so much struggle in my personal life, I always wanted to do something for the people who are not well educated and are struggling.” The education trust that he started was step in this direction, helping economically backward students to see a better future. He has hope for them. “Are you struggling, stressed or frustrated? Don’t see a bright future ahead of you?” We will make you strong.
Prakash is inspiring through his enterprising story so that today’s poor youth craft a way out of poverty.
Repair mobile Training example, to learn repairing mobiles is not a big deal. What is required is a right attitude, professional & quality training but the benefits of joining a mobile industry are never-ending! To know how let us follow the below reasons:

  • Mobile revolution is the greatest telecommunication market on earth.
  • Mobile repair industry is large, growing, and improving each year.
  • New mobile/handset manufacturing units are being planned globally.
There are several other technical skill based courses like laptop repairing, photography, yoga & fitness etc, Reasons for an opportunity Apart from training and affordable fee structure, these courses have a long-life value! The career in a mobile repairing industry does not start with a mobile repair trainee but an engineer. Many students opt for running their own business by investing a small amount of money. This is surely a good option since there are always high possibilities of high earnings in this field. Students can either work for a paid salary or start a business of their own. Not just workers any more, become professionals The career path in mobile repairing is so strong that even a matriculate pass student can aim for 20 K rupees per month. The dropouts no more remain a dropout on the contrary become a mobile professional. Courses and options in Mobile & Laptop Repair We can have various 1 week to 1/2 month long courses for mobile and laptop repair. Now students are showing interest in tablet repairing as they are latest gadget in the market. Today mobile repair course is the major attraction for students. In such a course, first half is dedicated to basics of electronics & mobile phone technology. In the second half, fault-finding, brand specific problem diagnosis and issue resolution are taught.

Most courses are recognized by Govt.
  • A short-duration technical course
  • Professional & Industry Exposure
  • No Particular Eligibility Required
  • Medium of instruction can be in regional languages
  • Low Fees
  • Available Study Materials (Videos, Handbooks, CDs, Books)
  • Free Repairing Tool Kits
  • Online Back-up Support
  • Support for Placement
    • Lessons also stress on customer management skills, service center maintenance and technology upgradation. Motivation classes are also given as a step to boost the balance between work and personal life.

      About Prakash C S, the smartphone repair specialist who inspires the youth

Team of Prakash Trust

Our team of experts with years of experience in mobile repairing and training. We repair Smartphones and Laptop at our Indiranagar center.
Also our team is well trained in Chip level service, Chip Level Training and motherboard repair. If you want laptop repair, smartphone repair or chip level service in Bangalore we are there to help you.


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Senior Co ordinator